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!DS: BTSSB JSKs under 85

Hello! I have two BTSSB Jsks up for sale! The first one, Ribbon Hearts JSK in pink has some flaws that I'll be pointing out below, and the second is brand-new, only tried on, and it is the Usakumya jsk that was part of the Charity pack! 

My feedback can be found here:

Ribbon Hearts JSK (85 + shipping):
Stock Picture:

alternate stock photos:1, 2, 3,
My Picture: 

Other pictures: 1, 2, 3, 
Measurements (recommended) B:34 W:29 (Has shirring on the back, so can probably accommodate an inch or two larger and quite a few smaller)
The clasp on this JSK came loose and fell off (The part where the hooked clasp goes into) and thus I have put a safety pin in to create a fake clasp, I'm scared of sewing since my skills are dismal!  

The other part is that on one of the waisties, some threads are snapping off at the part where the waisties connects to the button. Once again I'm scared of sewing so I haven't tried to fix them yet, but I'm sure those are easily fixed!
Please note that these flaws are hardly noticeable when worn, I just wanted to show what's wrong with this Jsk!
SOLD Usakumya Lucky Pack JSK Size L (75 +shipping)
Stock Picture:
Other views: 12,
My Picture:
Other pictures: 1, 2
Flaws: None, This is brand new, only tried on.
Measurements: B: 36 W:30 (Has shirring and corseting so can fit both smaller and larger!)

I feel as if I have priced these accordingly, but I am open to trades and best offers as well! For trades, I generally prefer BTSSB!
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