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DS! DT! Tea Party Shoes in Sax, Cheap Offbrand Shoes!

Hello! Welcome to my sales post! Please don't be afraid to ask me any questions. I am not accepting trade right now. I have feedback here:
If you are from outside the US plesse let me know so I can calculate your shipping accordingly! My paypal address is!

An tai na Tea Party Replicas in Sax Size 7 1/2 35 USD + Shipping

I bought these a while back, they way too big for me. They are in good shape! If possible I'd like to trade these for a pair in sax that would fit my feet better. I am a size 5 1/2- 6 US. Shipping within US 15 USD. Outside 20 USD

Off brand White and Black Platform Mary Janes US Size 6. 10 USD + Shipping

I have never worn these and they have been sitting in my closet ever since. They would be great for a retro lolita style or punk lolita! Shipping in the US 10 USD. Outside of the US 15.

Off Brand Platform Boots US Size 7. 8 USD + Shipping

I wore these several time and there are many scuffs. The price reflects that. These shoes would be great for Gothic Lolita, Aristocrat, Punk Lolita, Boystyle ,and more! Shipping within US 15. Shipping outside the US 20

I also have a BTSSB Dessert Dress in Pink, Old School Style Meta Dress in White, Peace Now skirt, blouses and more left over from this older post:

Please check it out! Thank you!
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