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DS/DT: h.Naoto Deorart Black Peace Now Algonquins & more

Feedback can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/729197.html

(!) I will ship worldwide and I'll accept payments through Paypal or regular bank money transfer (within Europe), shipping is NOT included so far - pls contact me for any info on shipping rates etc.
(!) I am still open for (partial) trades, especially for h.Naoto, Algonquins, Putumayo, Sex Pot, (Black) Peace Now, Banana Fish items or Gyaru brand items
(!) First Lolita clearly committing to buy and leaving her Paypal will get the item ^-^
(!) I will include a "Thank you" gift with every purchase



Algonquins multi-layer 2-way skirt - you can detach the second half of the skirt and wear it as a nice short skirt instead, free-size, waist: up to 〜80cm, length: ~77cm, $ 59

Rare Deorart Jumpsuit, size M - but will fit all sizes due to the loose cut, total length ~ 146 cm without the straps, adjustable straps, detachable side purse & wallet chain, $ 59

h.Naoto h.Anarchy for Plus shoulderbag, rarely used, $ 45 Sold to kyoufugaaden

Rare brown Jane Marple jumpsuit, rarely worn, $ 45

*** 20% price reduction ***

TRALALA pink/black dress, excellent condition, $ 55 $ 44

h.Naoto HN+nois 2-way bag - can be worn as shoulder bag or on your belt, $ 35 $ 28
sold to himehaley

Algonquins striped cardigan, free size, $ 39 $ 31

BPN for Men plain black cardigan - equals to a regular women's size S, really formfitting to the body, $ 35 $ 28

offbrand 2-way bag from Japan (shoulder & normal hand bag) by Honey Salon, $ 20 $ 16


Rare BPN saruel pants + more over here:

Rare h.Naoto SIXH set: Saruel pants + matching t-shirt over here:

Older sales incl. massive price reductions can be found over here - h.Naoto, Putumayo, BPN, Algonquins, Swimmer, Peace Now, Btssb, Jane Marple & much more

If you have any questions, pls feel free to PM me.♥
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