cagalli1543 (cagalli1543) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!ds or !dt: Lots of Bodyline dresses and skirts (US Buyers only)

All prices are without shipping, pp fees, and insurance in not included.
Shipping method is priority mail
Accept Paypal only
Have cats
Smoke free home
You are free to make offers and I may accept trades. I like classic, gothic, or sweet
styled dresses and jsks.
My measurements: bust - 34 inches, Waist - 30 inches

First up is:

This is used and has some foundation stains on the inside of the collar and deodorant
stains in the armpits. Nothing noticeable on the outside. Comes with all three bows and
detachable sleeves. Would recommend a 32 inch bust and 28 waist. Has shirring. It fits me
but is a little tight/snug.
Asking Price: $25


I just tried this on and it was too short. I would recommend at least being 5 foot 4
inches or smaller unless you like short skirts and it fits my waist fine. Is stretchy.
Asking Price: $25


I tried this dress on and realized it wasn't my color. This fits me fine but you could go
at least an inch or two more in bust and waist. The color in the picture isn't right it's
more of a salmon color.
Asking Price: $30


Tried on once. This is a lovely dress but it's too short on me. Recommended for a 5 foot
4 inch person or shorter.
Asking Price: $40


I love this skirt and I wore it a lot. It fits me snugly so you might want an 29 inch
waist or lower. Is stretchy. Has a 2.5 inch pen mark on the back left side. I tried to
take a picture of it but the mark would not show up. Mark not very noticeable unless
looking for it.
Asking Price: $10


Used, wore 5+ times. Is still in great condition with no flaws. Fits me perfectly and
can stretch a little more.
Asking Price: $25

Seventh: SOLD

Brand new with tags. It came with a matching skirt. Love the skirt but the shirt is not
my style. Will fit someone my size. No longer available on Bodyline.
Asking Price: $15


I like this dress but it needs to go. I have offered it to one girl already but if she
does not want it someone else is free to buy it. Has a small black dot and pull on skirt
part. Tried to take pictures but my camera does not take good up close pictures so the
flaws wouldn't show up. Fits me perfectly.
Asking Price: $20

Thanks for looking! ^_^ Heather
Tags: !ds, !dt
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