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DS/DT:26cm/10.2in Black flats with bows

before you read any farther
I only accept paypal

I do holds buy if you dont tell me anything prior to the date your suppose to purchase ("I need you to hold the item for a little longer","I cant buy it im sorry" etc)I will leave negative feedback

I include shipping(within the us) and tracking in my price. If youre outside of the us please tell me

I will ship your package within 48 hours or 2 days of you paying for it

I will expect to be left feedback after you have recieve your item.

(its my first time selling anything on here so no sorry I dont have feedback in that area)
but i need to post it anyway so here :3
size 26cm or 10 in black bow flats$35(to anywhere in the us)
below are my proof pic)

(sorry for the crappy webcam pics)
theyre in retty good condition. The bottom or a little dirty from minmal wornage but they have no stains and there are very VERY small scuffs on the front of one of them. Quite cute and comfortable for any sweet lolita or someone who just wants to add a sweet detail to thier outfit.
I will also trade these for simalar looking shoes in 10.5in/27cm
thank you for looking.
Tags: !ds, !dt
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