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DS: Emily Temple Cute skirt and off-brand


Emily Temple Cute skirt: 75 €
waist: 66 cm
In very good condition.

Dress: 15€
bust: 83-85 cm
waist: 66
In very good condition

Shirt: 5€
bust and waist: 94 cm
In very good condition

Sonia Rykiel top: 5€
In good condition. I sewed the straps because they were too long for me, but they aren't cut, so they can still be longer.

Black blouse: 5€
bust: 83-86 cm
waist: 66 cm
Used but still in good condition. It has lost 4 buttons, but they are normal buttons and easy to find.

Black skirt: 5€
waist: 66 cm aprox.
It looks better worn with a casual petticoat (with more ruffles on the bottom than on the top)
Used but still in good condition.

White jacket (XS size): 15 €
bust: 83 cm
waist: 63 cm
In very good condition.

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- I don't reserve items, the first to leave paypal adress or location has priority.
- Payment: it can be by paypal or bank transfer
- Shipping: I usually use the certified mail, but you can ask for a cheaper method. Just notice that it wouldn't be as safe as the other one. The shipping price is not included, it depends on the country.
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