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DS: Double Decker Rocking Horse Boots SOLD

* Paypal only. If using CC paypal, buyer pays 4.9% + $0.30 USD fee. Payment is expected in 3 days.
* Shipping is not included. Please ask for shipping quote.
* I will accept offers.
* I have a crappy camera, but upon request, I'll try to get better pics.
* Will ship items USPS priority mail in the US. International buyers welcome.

My feedback

I have a pet cat. She has never been near these boots but, please be cautious if you're allergic.

Double Decker Rocking Horse Shoes. Size 23.5. $50 + shipping. These are no longer available on their site. I had them for about 3 years now, but I've only used these shoes a couple of times the first year I had them. The soles are beginning to fall off (this was a problem with their RHS), but this is easy to fix with strong glue. I also stained the wood and sealed them since I hated how light they were.

Pic showing color difference

Showing how much the soles are coming off

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