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DS/DT: Lyrical Bunny Salopette, BTSSB JSK and OP, BPN skirt, offbrand!

-I accept Paypal only.
-I do NOT charge Paypal fees.
-Shipping is not included in the price. Please ask about shipping costs. My default shipping method is Priority, please let me know if you would prefer another and if you would like tracking.
-I prefer to ship within the US, but I will ship internationally under the conditions that the buyer realizes shipping may be expensive and that I will not falsify customs values. I will accept no responsibility for any customs fees.
-I am open to reasonable offers.
-I accept trades! See the bottom of this post for my wishlist.
-I will consider holds on a case-by-case basis depending on the situation and your feedback.
-My feedback: 15+/0-
Note to mods: Some of the items are reposts, but it's been close to a year since they were originally posted so I don't suspect that is an issue.

Lyrical Bunny Salopette (Lavender) - SOLD

I adore this, but unfortunately I don't think it's particularly flattering on me. I would very much like to trade this for the black version or for another salopette with a more narrow skirt portion. It will include the detachable bow.
Condition: New, tried on but never worn. The buttons are a bit flimsy but that is how they were attached at purchase.
Measurements: Bust can be adjusted by the straps, it fit me at 42" bust. The skirt portion is extremely generous, 16" laid flat at the most narrow portion and 26" flat at the widest portion at the bottom of the skirt. It fit me at 43" hips with plenty of room to spare.
Price: Because I'm having a very difficult time parting with this and because I honestly have no idea what to charge, I am taking offers. Please comment or PM.

BTSSB Shirring Princess (?) JSK 

Comes with a detachable bow (not pictured) which has had the pin removed to be able to slide onto a headband. Price reduced to reflect this.
Worn once. Excellent condition, no flaws.
Size: Fully shirred. Fit me when I was a bit bigger at 44" bust and 31" waist, but if you're unsure feel free to ask.
Price: $90 $86

BTSSB Cutsew Dress/Nightgown - SOLD 

Condition: New. Tried on, never worn. No flaws, excellent condition.
Size: Partial shirring in the front. Fit me when I was a bit bigger at 44" bust, 31" waist. Would not suggest a lager bust, but could go another inch or two in the waist.
Price: $75

Black Peace Now Skirt - SOLD
The above picture is not true to color, it's actually a slightly deeper pink. Please see the link above, where the circled portion is the closest to the true color.
Condition: New, tried on but never worn.
Size: Fully shirred, ~32" waist max.
Price: $40

Pink Macaroon Unicorn Skirt (Lavender)

I love, love, love this skirt. I am only selling it because it is too large for me.
Condition: Good. Slight creasing in the waistband portion, but otherwise no flaws.
Size: ~34" waist. There is no shirring.
Price: $60

Dear Celine Cutsew

Condition: Excellent. New, tried on but never worn.
Size: ~40" bust, 29" waist min, ~44" bust, 32" waist maximum. Stretchy material.
Price: $40

Offbrand Pink Cardigan

Condition: Good. Thrifted, never worn by me.
Size: ~36" stretch max to button all the way, but may easily be worn unbuttoned.
Price: $5

Candy Violet Cream Lace Cutsew - SOLD
See link above for detail picture of the print.
Condition: Excellent. Only worn once.
Size: XL tag. 17" across laid flat. Fit me at 44" bust with another inch or two to spare, stretchy material.
Price: $10

Red Raspberry Candy Violet Cutsew
See link above for detail of the print.
Condition: Excellent. Only worn once.
Size: L tag. ~40" bust, 31" waist max.
Price: $10

Betsy Johnson Bow Tote

Condition: Some signs of light use but still sturdy and not likely to fall apart in the least.
Price: $30

I'm willing to trade/partial trade for any of these things, but feel free to offer anything not on the wishlist. My current measurements are 39"-29", but since I have been steadily losing weight I may consider items an inch or two smaller. I am NOT interested in replicas.

-Cardigans in yellow, lavender or red. Brand preferred.
-Shoes in 25-25.5 in yellow, red. Prefer tea parties with a heel.
-Lace gloves.
-Headbows in white, red or lavender. Brand preferred.
-Hime-style accessories and clothing.
-Floral printed OPs, JSKs. Brand preferred.
-White blouse which can fit above measurements.
-Cutsews which can fit above measurements.
-Brand which can fit the above measurements.
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, candy violet, dear celine, offbrand
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