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DS: swimmer & iw - AC: taking art commissions

46+ positive, no negative or neutral
- I take paypal only
Prices are in USD
- All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home
- Shipping is included for USA residents and I am happy to combine shipping; international, please inquire.
- I am not responsible for any damages taken place during shipping or fees from customs.
- Items will be shipped out as soon as possible (usually 2-4 days - I do not ship on weekends/holidays), and you will be notified when I do. 
- I will describe each item's condition the best I can, and I am happy to take more photos upon request.  :)

SWIMMER fuzzy bow earmuffs - $35

Colour:  blackxpink
Condition:  Like new. Only worn once.
These will be shipped in a box to prevent chances of the headband snapping in transit.
Innocent World 'Party Rose' scrunchie - $10

Colour: white/offwhite
Condition: New, never worn
Given during IW's '2010 Christmas Fair' if you spent over a certain amount.
Art Commissions 

Right now I'll only be taking chibi commissions. 

-I can draw you/your friends/OCs/fancharacters/etc
-Prices vary slightly based on design complexity. Send me a ref/photo link and I'll tell you where you stand. (Short hair with jeans and a hoodie? Probably $5. OTT sweet lolita with split hair, accessories, and detailing on the dress? Probably $8.)
- I will not do any complex prints/patterns on clothing this round. Only really simple stuff.
-I'm cool if you give me the option to change/design the outfit.
-My style tends to fluctuate so keep that in mind. 
-This works best on cuter characters. I can chibify your burly lumberjack OC, but it might turn out awesome awkward. 
Sketches: $5-8

Flat-ish colour: Double the sketch cost. (so can range $10-16)
1. theviolentloli  - FINISHED
2. larkir  - FINISHED
3. lareya87  - FINISHED
4. skaya_chan  - FINISHED

EDIT: Slots filled! 

Commissions are for personal use only, no commercial use is allowed. I have full rights to upload your commission online/portfolio use.

And since I always get a few people asking, here's my dA:

If you have any questions, please ask, thank you!
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