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Mrs. Mercury

DS: Angelic pretty blouse (datachable sleeves)

Hello ladies!

I’m selling this fantastic Angelic Pretty blouse because it’s not my style and it’s a little big for me. I just wear it once, and I bought it 2 weeks ago brand new, so it’s in perfect condition, no stains, no damage… like new! (but without tags)

It has datachable sleeves, so you can have 2 blouses in one ^^
It’s pure White color and the seller's measures are: 

long 50 cm aprox.
shoulders 35 cm aprox.
bust 92 cm aprox. (95 as much)
waist 78 cm aprox. as much
short sleeve 18 cm aprox.
long sleeve 59 cm aprox.

Now, the Pictures!

Detail of the shirring:

I'm too lazy to attach the sleeves for the picture, sorry xD~

Cute lace details!:

I am asking 90€ for it. Paypal fees are included in the price, but not the shipping costs (9€ Europe - 13€ USA)

- No trades, sorry!
- The first lady in let me know her paypal account get it :)
- I don't reserve it

I live in Spain (Europe).
This is my EGL_Feedback page:
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