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DS! F+F OP and Crochet Accessories

Payment: preferably Paypal. I could also take concealed cash [US only of course]
I'm also open to trades [even for my small stuff. accessory for accessory/handmade for handmade......i like socks]
Shipping within in the US is 1-3$ for small items, 8-15$ for the OP [i'm not sure how much stuff weighs]. International varies by country, and if it is registered or not [international registration is an additional 11.50$]
I have cats! Fur travels, it's unavoidable in my house. If you have allergies, you have been warned!

My feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/687408.html
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/ChasingTheFrill

Some of my items have etsy listings so you can purchase here or there. Items can be altered or made in different colors, just message or comment. Currently, I'm not buying more yarn, so if you would like a specific color, I will check my stash and let you know if it's possible.


FanPlusFriend OP
Price: 90$
Bust 15in flat
Waist 16in flat -has waist ties and can be adjusted to fit smaller [my waist is 24in]
Length 39in from shoulder to hem

Large Bow
Scalloped: 6$
Normal: 5$
with dual clip/pin back: +2$
with clip OR pin back: +1$
can be remade in the colors pictured [white scalloped/pink normal/purple normal]
Red Flower Pin: 4$
Aqua Bow Pin set: 2$
Pink Flower Pin: 4$
Flowers can be made in different colors

Medium Bow: 5$

Small Bow charms
3$ each
Strap and yarn colors can be changed at request.
Small Frill Bows: 3.25$
Strap and yarn colors can be changed on request.
Misc Phone Charms
Mini Flower: 1$
Cherry Bow: 5$
Mini Cherry 2.75$
Candy: 3.50$
Lobster clasp The cherries and candy charms are on lobster clasps, so you can unclip them and clip them to other things.

Flower Pin: 5$
Flower Charm: 5$
Can be made in other colors.
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