kinerai (kinerai) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Many brand skirts, AP wristcuff, headbows, etc


First, here is my feedback:

I just gained a bit of money and would like to acquire a cute skirt for more casual coords. Here is a list of skirts I'm looking for, those are the only ones I can wear since the others are too small so I won't look at the skirts not on the list.

I'm willing to look at every color you will offer as long as it is a skirt in the list bellow. The brands are AP and BTSSB. If you have the fitting headbow please offer it too I would be happy to buy it together with the skirt^^

- Cherry Berry Bunny Skirt
- Powder rose skirt
- Milky-chan and Snow Strawberry print skirt
- Friend kumya-chan creamy quartet print lillian skirt
- Heart marble choolate and sugar coated cookies print skirt
- Cinderella jewelry print frill skirt
- Candy treat skirt

I'd also like a pair of AP or chocomint wristcuffs in pink, cream or brown, a bit like these:

I'm also looking for the lovely sweet room headbow in brown from BTSSB

And I would be interested in the bunny ears earmuffs from BTSSB

Last, I would be looking for a cute blouse or cutsew, it can be anything since I don't know yet which skirt I will get. I would like short sleeves since I have long arms and long sleeves never really fit me even in regular clothes.

Thank you!

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, chocomint, fanplusfriend, metamorphose
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