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Jackie M

DS/AFC: Sweet and OTT Sweet Jewelry ^_^

* my feedback can be found on
egl fb and on my journal
* location: Toronto
* I take direct paypal or email transfer only (aka no echecks)
*prices in CAD
*prices  do not include shipping unless stated
*paypal fees NOT included.
*serious buyers only, if you waste my time i will no longer sell to you
* i have a cat, and a dog, neither wear the clothing but be warned!
*i will do hold and payment plans with a minimum of 20% down (if the amount is above $100)
*trades only for things on my
wishlist or pink flat shoes
*priority ranks - pay first and then north American buyers
*i prefer to ship with tracking, but i can offer other methods at ur own risk.
*i'm not responsible for lost or damaged mail.

IMPORTANT*** please note i CANNOT 100% promise which days items will be shippped/arrive due to the delay in canada post, they should be forced back to work monday; but i cannot promise! if you need an item asap i can offer fedex, but the price is higher.

shipping prices:
please note this is listed as packaging with lots of safety so items do not break in the mail, if you'd like a cheaper method with less packaging it can be arranged but i cannot be held responsible for things that break in or get damaged in the mail.

for 1-3 items, more please ask.

pick up areas are; dundas sq, osgood subway, st patrick subway

regular(2-10 days, insurance + tracking): 6
xpress(1-3 days, insurance + tracking):9
* may be cheaper options but i  i can't tell on canada post's site

letter (4-6 days, may not b good 4 rings): 4
surface(2-4 weeks, insurance): 7
air(1-2 weeks, insurance): 9
expedited(3-5 days, insurance + tracking):17

letter (4-7 days, may not b good 4 rings): 8
surface(2-4 weeks, insurance):9
air(1-2 weeks, insurance):11
priority( 2 days insurance + tracking):53 (ridiculous)

These are my test version of necklaces and rings, they are not perfect therefore the prices reflect it. No pictures are photos shopped or edited, what you see is what you get ;)  I will have a whole line of ice cream bears, kittens and bunnies coming soon.Prices will be 2-10 dollars more for none test products depending on materials. If you feel my prices are too high feel free to make an offer. I also am available for commission more details below. ALL items are made with high quality materials. All metal is 925 silver for safety of allergies. If you have allergies please let me know!

everything has been sold ^_^ you can see my previous works, and attempts here.

Commissions ^_^

Yes i can do them. I am limited to all colours of sculpey.
Chain colours are pretty unlimited too! currently the only colour that isn't in stock for the nylon chain is sax (but soon to come). I also have coloured chain
as seen here that can be used. Please note that small commissions require all money upfront, larger things like necklaces or sets is half and half.

To get order please fill out this form and pm or leave below.

Contact:( email or something you check often)
Feedback Link:
Paypal addy:
Design:( please be as detailed as possible)
Sculpey Colour(s) :
Chain Colour(s):

if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

^_^ Thank you for looking ^_^

Tags: !afc, !ds, handmade
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