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mr profit's girl friday (and all week long)

DS: Baby Ansie Rose socks

Socks are sold, sorry...what, you don't read cut tags? :)

Here's all my feedback.
Sales Journal:

I have two cats but these socks have not been in my house long enough to get contaminated and are now wrapped securely in plastic.

Please buy these socks. They are too pretty to sit alone and unloved on a Saturday night (and would have looked so awesome with my green taffeta dress with the flocky roses...)

ETA: Because this is an urgent sale due to the fact that I can't wear them and want to sell them to someone who can before the cats can figure out how to get cat hair under the plastic they're wrapped in, and not because I need food money or something, I am willing to consider trades.

I would be willing to trade these for NEW (tried on or NWT, not worn) classic or non-OTT sweet socks that will fit 19-20 inch calves such as Innocent World, AATP or Angelic Pretty, and that are worth a little more than the usual $25-30, or are on my wishlist. By non-OTT sweet I mean that I don't want anything with cake or teddy bears on it, because I never wear stuff like that, although I'm a sucker for cats and carousel horses.

My current sock wishlist is:

AP Sugary Pony (not Angel Pony, I have those, and not Sugary Carnival marshmallow stripe) socks in periwinkle, sax or black (I already have pink).

AATP Vampire Forest socks, any colour, they're all pretty and I love the little kitty at the ankle.

Putumayo Cat Window socks in Black only (sorry, I could get the other colours from Tokyo Rebel and my skirt is black).

ETA2: I consider the first sale to be the first person who actually sends me a paypal address, until I have that, it's not sold...


ETA3: Socks are sold but if you want to sell me socks I'm leaving the wishlist up, lol...
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