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WTT/DS: Meta Hospitality Doll Nurse Set.

+ I N F O +

My egl feedback page is here. 100% positive!

 Shipping not included. I am shipping via USPS from Washington, USA. I'm not responsible for items once I mail them off. If you want tracking and insurance, please ask; it will not be included in a shipping quote unless you ask. I save shipping receipts as proof of shipment.

US customers are preferred and may be given priority.

No refunds or returns.

DS/T: Metamorphose Nurse OP set (OP, matching bloomers, pink pin, red ring).

The pin and ring are new in packaging.

I'm very attached to this, since I spent about a year hunting it down. It's a rare set released in 2003. The main reason I'm letting it go is because I'll be studying abroad for a year and don't want to leave this sitting in a closet at home all that time.

Primarily looking for a good trade, close in value but something I can pack and wear more often...

But I would sell it, for $340 (fees not included), or two payments of $170 (within 3 weeks).

I'm open to negotiations
for price, partial trades and layaway.

Here are some examples of things I'm looking for to trade. :3

First, I've been dying for something Yellow or Lavender, in general.

I'm looking for other prints too, just to throw a few out there for examples:

See more at my Wishlist. **I'm open to things not on my wishlist too! **

Toybox Set: Found a trade, thank you! Toybox Highwaisted Jsk in cream. I have all the detachable parts (ribbons, bib) except the waist sash. I also have the matching wired head-eating bow.

Proof (detachable parts not shown)

Condition of goods: All my items are in good, used condition without stains, pilling or damages and I request the same. The only wear to the fabric is normal wear, since both pieces are a few years old.

Thanks for looking, and feel free to ask questions.
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, any brand, metamorphose

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