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WTB: Bodyline skirts/JSKs, some replicas, Usakumyas, headbows/jewelry

Hello everyone!

Feedback Link:
Location: Beloit, WI

My WTB is on the bottom :)

Bodyline Cutsew - $20 Shipped in the US, please ask for international rates

This fits me really well everywhere except my arms. :( I have a 36" chest and a 30" waist, so around there or smaller would be the best fit, and I would recommend it for people with smaller arms.


BL Love Nadia skirt/JSK in any color
BL L120 Skirt in tan/orange
AP Milky-Chan, Miracle Candy, and Sugary Carnival replicas
Usakumya! I'm thinking of looking at the mini-mini Usakumyas or maybe the straps since they are pricey ^^; So, just let me know how much you'd like for them, I'm open to all colors
I'm also looking for headbows, wrist cuffs, rings, bracelets, hair pins, socks, etc! They can be brand or offbrand, though I'm not looking to spend a ton on them. Ideally I don't want to spend over $20-30 on an individual piece.

Also, if you have anything else you think I may like, please feel free to offer ^^ I tend to lean towards pink and black colors, but I'm open to all colors :D
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