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DS/DT: Pink Toy Parade Parka and 2 AP Bags

Hello, I am hoping to trade any of my items for Yellow Milky Planet Op/set or additional items on my wtb list. If you would like to purchase any of my items instead of trading please feel free. My feedback is here.
*NOTE: The prices may be higher because I want to be able to purchase the Yellow Milky Planet items if someone offers it to me. And the prices includes the cheapest shipping method with tracking =ONLY= for USA. If I am offered Milky Planet for a lower price I will lower my price without any problems.~~~I am still looking for Milky Planet in Yellow. Please PM your price of your Op or set. I will be so very happy to buy it!~~~ You can also tell me your OBO for any of my items.Thank you!

Toy Parade Pink Parka
Price:$110 $90

Mine is in Pink

There is a line in the middle of the star. Its not really noticeable.

(From Hello Lace)Measurements: 50cm length, 45cm body width, 42cm rib width, 40cm cuff

AP's Sheep Garden Bag

AP's Circular Toy Parade Bag

I want to trade for any things on my WTB list below. Thanks! Either full trade or partial.

Feedback Link:

PM's are fine but please post here first saying you are going to do so.


::My WTB List::
1)AP Yellow Milky Planet Op
2)AP Yellow Milky Planet Head-bow
3)AP Yellow Twinkle Star Bag
4)AP Yellow Lyrical Bunny Bag
5)AP Fur dot Cardigan in Pink

I also still have a Sugary Carnival Set and a Pretty Meta Blouse available here.

Thank you for looking! Please leave any comments questions or concerns below!

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