Areki, アレキサンダー, アレキ (kun_ta_ta) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Areki, アレキサンダー, アレキ

DS/DT: Angelic pretty Dream magic jsk in black

Hi everyone!
I want to trade or sell my dream magic jsk:)
My feedback is here:

so yeah, i want to trade my dream magic jsk in black.
I bought it but it's too short on me:(
First i only wanted to trade it but now i'm also open for selling it.

Stock picture:

My pic:

Measurments from hello lace:
82cm length
88-98cm bust
68-78cm waist

Please offer me, since i dont really know what to ask for it :).

As for trades i would love to trade/partial trade for:

Aqua princess in black or pink
Vanilla chan round jsk or skirt in lavender
Holy night story switching jsk in white
Wrapping ribbon (tiered) jsk in any color
Memorial cake jsk or op in white or pink
Milky planet tiered skirt in any color but yellow.
Lady rose jsk or mini sleeve jsk in white or pink
Playing cards skirt in pink

Baby the stars shine bright
Friend usakumya sophie in White(consider other colors)

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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