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20% Off BTSSB, Putumayo, and Offbrand Closet Cleaning!

* Here's my feedback.
* Payment via PayPal only, NO E-CHECKS please.
* Money in USD.
* US buyers preferred, international buyers welcomed. (let me know where you live for shipping details).
* Shipping not included in prices.
* I hold the right to refuse t sell to Italy (have had major problems with their customs services).
* All sales are final.
* I accept trades.
* I accept payment plans.
* Make an offer on any items!!!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright 'BTSSB'
Large Plastic Shopping Bag
$5 $4 each
*NOTE: Only the 2 large Baby bags are available, everything else is sold*

Individual Pic
Height 18.75 ( 1.5in handle) x 18.25in

Putumayo Bag
$4 $3

* NOTE: Peace Now bag has already been sold. *

Height:18in x Width:15in x Depth:4in

H&M Satin Bow Headband 
$10 $8

Bought brand new from H&M. Originally had a mesh that draped over your face, I removed it. Has been worn once or twice by myself. Still in wonderful condition.

H&M Flower Crystal Post Earrings 'Black' 
$5 $4

Bought brand new from H&M. Never used but taken off it's original packaging. Still in wonderful condition.

Red Balls on Fire 'Reverend' Gothic Trench Coat
$120 $96

Proof Pic
Size: Medium
Sleeve Length: 26 in
Length 57 in

Bought brand new and only worn 1 time by myself. One button on each sleeve cuff is missing. Note, this is a very long coat. I am 5'9 and this coat hits the floor on me. Perfect for an egl with great platforms. Still in wonderful condition.

H&M Mega Pearl Necklace x2
$10 $8 'like new'
$5 'broken clasp'
Proof of Both
Clasp 1
Clasp 2 'broken'

Bought both brand new from H&M. Have tried on both, but only worn one multiple times and broke the clasp (see clasp 2 pic). Both still in wonderful condition except for the broken clasp on the second one.

Off Brand
Bow Bracelet 'Turquoise'
$10 $8

Bought brand new from a local jewelry shop. Tried on a couple times. Has very minor wear. Still in wonderful condition.
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