Chocolate Icarus (anathema_narumi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Chocolate Icarus

WTB: Pink Bolero for Plus-size

Feedback: Here!

Hello! I'm looking for a pink bolero or cardigan that is large enough to fit a 44" bust. I'm hoping to receive the bolero BY June 30th, so this is a rather urgent WTB. I've tried searching past posts with no luck, and my boobs are too big for Bodyline ^^; so... yeah. It doesn't have to be brand, I'm just looking for something loli-esque in a light pink color. Here is an example of what I'm looking for:

I live in the US, zip code 80222. My price range is kind of flexible; it all just depends on if it's the right type of look. Thanks!
Tags: !wtb

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