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ds: Zammap's Pretty Little Things - CHEAP BOWS! Now with Earrings!

Hey guys! Zammap is back with more cute stuff for the budget Lolita!

 Etsy Feed back 100% pos.


Click anytime on image to link to sale page!!!
Prices, details and MORE PICTURES on artfire page


Feel free to use the artfire site to take a closer look at the items, but direct transaction (email, paypal, commissionss etc) can be done for you!

Shipping outside USA!

First new at Zammap's Pretty Little Things are PIE EARRINGS

( 2 pairs in stock: $6.00, 2 pairs in stock: $6.00)

Next we have ICE CREAM POPS!

( 1 pair in stock: $4.00, 1 pair in stock: $4.00)

Along the lines of pops.... ICECREAM SANDWICHES

( 1 pair in stock: $5.00, 1 pair in stock: $5.00 )

Zammap has made another cookie ring... CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE!

( 1 in stock: $4.00 )

And lastly I have something for those spooky pookies... EYE BALL EARRINGS

( 1 pair in stock: $6.00 )

Still in stock:

Frosty Teal collection of Bows:

( 3 in stock: $0.75, 1 in stock: $0.50, 1 in stock: $0.50 )

Purple on Pink Flower collection of Bows:

( 2 in stock: $1.00, 1 in stock: $1.00 )

NOTE stain on one of the tails. But is rather small

(2 in stock, $1.50)

(1 in stock: $1.00, 1 in stock: $1.00)


(3 in stock: $1.50, 2 in stock: $1.25)

It also comes in a Pale Blue with Green Lining.


(3 in stock: $1.25)

(1 in stock: $0.75, 2 in stock: $1.00)

New Items coming soon!

Zammap's Pretty Little Things
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