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DS: Putumayo, Swimmer, Meta, Size 10 Shoes, Jackets, Accessories, Lots of Lolitables and Casual

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A1. Putumayo Alice Top

Design is a light blue color. It is a little "cracked" in the mushroom and the logo.
Size: 17" Flat, 22" Long
Price: $45

A2. MAC Barbie Top

Metallic Pink Logo. Is "cracked" all over, but it still looks nice and shiny.
Size: (L) 19" Flat, 24" Long
Price: $15 SOLD

A3. Doe Barbie Top

Never worn, only tried on once.
Size: (M) 17" Flat, 23" Long
Price: $25

A4. Disney Cuties Marie Top

Size: (L) 17" Flat, 25" Long
Price: $8 SOLD

A5. Puff Sleeve Top

Size: (M) 18" Flat, 24" Long
Price: $5

A9. Fur Sleeved Top

Lace around the collar, with bow tie. White fur cap sleeves. Not sure if fur is real.
Size: 16" Flat, 21.5" Long
Price: $5

A10. Blue Top with Plaid Yoke

Size: (L) 18" Flat, 25" Long
Price: $5

A11. Lolita Girl Shirt

Old school Lolita. Has two bows on the collar and one bow on each sleeve.
Size: 17" Flat, 22" Long
Price: $5 SOLD

A12. "Satan" Shirt

I love this shirt. It's hilarious and kind of dark. Says "Satan" in katakana. The characters are a bright red, I don't know why

it got so washed out in the picture.

Size: (M) 16.5" Flat, 21" Long
Price: $5 SOLD


B1. Bodyline Sweets Skirt

Only tried on, still has tags!
Size: 24"-36" Waist, 21" Long
Price: $45

B2. Scalloped Plaid Skirt

I recommend this skirt for a more petite/short person because otherwise it might not give you a nice bell shape. It is very cute and has heart shaped pockets with bows on them.
Size: 24"-35" Waist, 18" Long
Price: $20

B3. Morbid Threads Brocade Skirt

Would be perfect for aristocrat. Very beautiful heavy fabric. Zippers up at the back.
Size: (L) 31" Waist, 38" Long
Price: $15

B4. Made With Love By Hannah Bukarest Skirt

I love this skirt, it is so very cute. Zippers up on the side. Official Website
Size: (M) 29" Waist, 20" Long
Price: $20

B5. Black Circle Skirt

Has a triangle-shaped area in the back where it was altered to be larger. Has a few rows of lace and ribbon along the


Size: 32"-40" Waist, 22" Long
Price: $5 SOLD

B6. Long Creme Skirt

Double layered, with the top layer being more of a soft chiffon and the bottom layer a more starchy kind of fabric. The tag says

100% Polyester.

Size: (M) 27"-38" Waist, 31" Long
Price: $8

B7. Putumayo Replica Skirt

Homemade. One of my first sewing attempts. Frayed seams and somewhat poor construction (that makes it more punk though, imo).

What you see is what you get. The flash washed out the color a bit, the bottom half is a nice bright purple. I will try to take a

more color-realistic photo upon request.

Size: 28"-36" Waist, 17" Long
Price: $5 SOLD


C1. Metamorphose Bloomers in Mocha

Size: 20"-40" Waist, 20" Long
Price: $30

C2. Black Petticoat

Provides tons of poof! Never worn.
Size: 24"-37" Waist, 15" Long
Price: $15 SOLD

C3. Long Petticoat

Not so much poof, but will help flare out longer skirts.
Size: 24"-40" Waist, 29" Long
Price: $8

C4. Pastel Corset

So gorgeous. Reminds me of Marie Antoinette. The back lace is slightly darker pink than the pink on the corset itself. Never

worn, just tried on.

Size: (L) Laced as I have it: 34" Bust, 30" Waist, 15" Long
Price: $20


D1. Teal Bow Shoes

Never worn.
Size: 10
Price: $10

D2. Blue with Black Roses Shoes

Size: 10 (Feels more like a 9, though)
Price: $10

D3. Polkadot Maryjanes

Size: 10
Price: $10

D4. Lolita-Lola Rocking Horse Shoes

Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
Detail 4
Some scuffs on the toes and on the back.
Size: 10/42
Price: $40 SOLD

D5. White Knee High Boots

Very awesome, they just don't go with anything I wear! They are a little scuffed up on the inside toe area.
Detail 1
Detail 2
Size: 10
Price: $60


E1. Jolly Roger Leggings

I freaking love these so much, but they are so tiny I don't think it is even possible for them to fit me. So here they are!

Never worn!

Size: 22"-32" Waist, 35" Long
Price: $15

Most worn once or twice. The lace topped ones have some wear on the heel.
E2. Lace Topped Black and White Striped Socks $2
E3. Black and White Checkered Socks $2 SOLD
E4. Black and Red Checkered Socks $2 SOLD
E5. Black and Purple Checkered Socks $2 SOLD
E6. Blue and Black Zebra Socks with Glitter $2
E7. Grey Socks with Skull/Dragon/Ornate Design $2


F1. Long Black Scarf with Crowns

Size: 78" Long
Price: $8

F2. Pink Knit Bear Scarf

Size: 50" Long
Price: $8 SOLD

F3. Pink Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Price: $8

F4. Pink Cupcake Barrettes $0.50 SOLD
F5. Green Cupcake Barrettes $0.50
F6. Blue Cupcake Barrettes $0.50 SOLD
F7. Pink Candy Barrettes $0.50 SOLD
F8. Pink Treble Clef Barrettes $0.50
F9. Blue Music Note Barrettes $0.50
F10. Yellow Bunny Barrettes $1.00
F11. My Melody Barrettes $4.00
F12. Charmmy Kitty Barrettes $4.00
F13. Strawberry Barrettes & Pink Barrette $1.00
F14. White Polka Dot Bow Barrettes $1.00 SOLD
F15. Pink Star Barrette $1.00 SOLD
F16. Orange Star Barrette $1.00
F17. Yellow Star Barrette $1.00
F18. Green Star Barrette $1.00 SOLD

F19. Pink Bow Hairband Set $2.00
F20. Holographic Barrettes $0.50
F21. Pink Bow Barrettes $1.00 SOLD
F22. Mint Bow Barrettes $1.00 SOLD
F23. White Bow Barrettes $1.00 SOLD
F24. Purple Bow Barrettes $1.00 SOLD

F25. Pink Rose Earrings + Pink Studs $4.00 Detail
F26. Red Rose Earrings + Red Pearl Studs $4.00Detail
F27. Black and White Rose Earring Set $3.00 SOLD
F28. Pearl Earring Set $3.00 SOLD
F29. Pink Bow Earring Set $4.00
F30. White Bow Earring Set $4.00
F31. Large Black Rose Earrings $1.00
F32. Strawberry Earrings $1.00
F33. Heart and Flower Earring Set $0.50 Detail
F34. White Filigree Earrings $3.00 Detail

F35. Pink Heart Necklace $3.00
F36. Gingerbread House Necklace $4.00 Detail PENDING
F37. Macaron Necklace $4.00 Detail
F38. Cake Ring $5.00 Detail
F39. Cupcake Ring $5.00 Detail
F40. Lace Choker $1.00 SOLD

F41. Swimmer iPod Nano Case

Detail 1
Detail 2

F42. Swimmer Watch

Cute! However, the battery is dead.

F43. Black Rose Headband

Price:$3 SOLD

F44. Rose Headband

Price:$3 SOLD

F45. Forever 21 Lace Bow Headband


F46. Bloody Medical Eye Mask

Used for a few photo-shoots. Has a little bit of blood on one of the straps.
Price: $3

F47. Black Headdress

Price: $3 SOLD

F48. Alice in Wonderland Purse

Never used. Alice's dress has sequins on it and the flowers have glitter on them.
Price: $15

F49. Alice and Hatter Necklace

Price: $8

F50. Blue Gingham Headdress

Price: $1

F51. Pink Zebra Alice Bow

Price: $5

F52. Blue-Purple-Pink Plaid Alice Bow

Price: $10

F53. Black Knit Alice Bow

Price: $15


G1. Furry Jacket with Bear Ears

Size: 19" Flat, 25" Long. Sleeves are 22" long from the shoulder.
Price: $15 SOLD

G2. Little Black Ridding Hood

Size: (L)
Price: $20

G3. dELiAs Damask Cardigan

Size: (L)
Price: $15

G4. Polka Dot Apron

Two pockets
Price:$5 SOLD

G5. White Apron

One pocket
Price: $5 SOLD

H1. Cosplay/Lolita Dress

With Flash
We might be able to arrange for a pick up if you live in the Orlando area. I just want it gone!

I also have some cute hair accessories, jewelry, and clothing listed on eBay if you are interested!
My eBay Shop

Thanks for looking!
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