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SS: San Francisco Shopping Service - VANCOUVER ONLY

My Feedback
Feel free to ask me any questions.

I will be in San Francisco for a week in July so I thought that if any of the Vancouver Lolis would like to get something from San Francisco, I'll be glad to help them get it and lug it back to Vancouver. If there are any other stores you want me to check as long as it's around that area, please post me a link to the item so I can so my calculations.

Sites I'll be using for my calculations:
Angelic Pretty USA Site
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Taking in requests from June 21, 2011 to June 26, 2011.
Last payment accepted on June 27, 2011.

If there are a large amount of requests, then I may consider bringing a 2nd suitcase to put the orders in.
It will be an additional charge for the extra bag on the plane unfortunately. This amount will be evenly divided amongst those who have placed an order.

Space in my Luggage (Subject to changes):
1 OP or JSK:
1 Skirt:
1 Blouse:
Small Items: As long as I have room.

10% service fee calculated on top of taxes. (See how to calculate below.)
I require you to pay for 75% of your purchase as a deposit.
This my insurance if you ever decide to flake out. If the item you requested is not available, there will be a full refund and no service charges.

All prices are in USD. If I calculate using the prices given on the site, they are only estimations!!
Payment USD would be awesome but if you do pay in CAD, I will use my bank rate at $1.00USD = $0.95CAD.
In store items only. Face trades only.
VANCOUVER ONLY unless you can come out to do face trade with me if you are around the area.

I do not hold any responsibilities if the item you asked me to get wasn't the one you wanted in the end. If you give me the wrong link to the item you want then that is a mistake on your side, not mine. So please be very careful when you fill out the form.
I do not hold any responsibilities if there are defects on your item when you receive it. I will check all items for defects during the purchase in store.
Expect wrinkles!! My luggage isn't huge, I will carefully pack all the items compactly.

If you are ready and accept all my conditions then proceed to fill out the form below and post it in the comments.



Item #1
Item Name:
Alternate color: (If you have another choice that you're sure about in case your first choice is not available.)
Price listed on the site (USD):
Link to item on the site:

Total Amount:

Example form:

You fill out the form like so.

Feedback: http://feedbacklinkhere

Item #1
Item Name: French Cafe Knit Cardigan
Color: Pink
Alternate color: N/A
Price listed on the site (usd): $160.50
Link to item on the site:

Item #2
Item Name: Dream Star Tote Bag
Color: Pink
Alternate Color: Black
Price listed on the site (usd): $122.00
Link to item on the site:

Total Amount: $282.50

Example Calculations:

I calculate the amount like this.
(Total Amount) + (Service Fee, 10% of Total Amount) = Estimate Cost of Purchase
(Estimate Cost) x (75%) = Deposit Amount

$282.50 x 1.10 = $310.75 << Estimate of Cost
$302.28 x 0.75 = $233.06 << Deposit Amount

So you will have to pay me $230 (Rounded to the nearest $5) as a deposit.

Transaction one: We arrange a time to meet in person and you give me the $230 deposit.

I go on my trip and...
Say I got your item. Then we move on to Transaction Two when I am back in Vancouver. We arrange another meeting. I bring your item(s) and you pay the remainder $80.75. Everyone is happy!! Yay!!

Say your item was not available. I'll let you know and you have a chance to let me know of other alternative items or such you'd like me to check. If not then we meet in person again when I am back in Vancouver and I will refund the $230 in full.

Say you flake out on me and disappear without any notification where contact is completely lost, then I will keep your item(s) and your deposit of $230. I will leave you neutral/negative feedback. You will have a month to clear things up with me. (Hope this never happens!)

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