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DS: Metamorphose, AP, handmade, Bodyline

Location: Huntsville, AL, USA
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All prices include shipping inside the US.
But! Onto the goodies!

Metamorphose Crown Label white jsk- $125

This is very pretty. The embroidery featuring a crown is an ivory color. The ties on the front tie into bows.
Shown here. On the back, there is shirring and it laces up. Shown here.

Metamorphose Musical Jsk- $90

Came in a special set a couple years ago. This dress doesn't have the waist ties, and has a small spot on the skirt that I haven't tried to get out.
Shown here. You can't see it when it's worn. I'll also include for free a bow I made to match it. Shown here.

Metamorphose Happy Cakes Hoodie- $40

So cute, but I have to sell it because it no longer fits. It could fit a bust of about 35", but the arms are a bit tight. This is made of t-shirt material, so it's only a little warm. The front is shown here. It also has a faint yellow stain on the right sleeve shown here.

Metamophose Black Square-Necked Blouse- $40

This is true black. I just edited the picture so you can see the details. The back has shirring, also.
I'd also recommend this one for 35" bust or under.

AP Black and White OP- $130

This dress has detachable long sleeves.
Shown here and here. It has some shirring in the front and the back zips up. As this is an older dress, there is some browning on the back of the collar. I haven't tried removing it. You can't see it when worn. Shown here.

Bodyline Hearts Skirt- $50

This is a Bodyline replica of an old Angelic pretty skirt. Super full and cute.

Bodyline Desserts Skirt- $30

Very cute. Doesn't have tons of poof. The bow is not attached to anything, because the headband it came on was not head-shaped at all :S But you can just slide a headband through the back very easily.

In the Starlight Red Riding Hood Skirt- $30

Very cute skirt. Fits a 29" waist. Super awesome print shown here.

Handmade Red Tartan Skirt and Bow- $30

This was made by a seamstress a few years ago, but I've only worn it a couple times. It is pretty short, 16-17". The bow is attached to a barrette, but that could be taken off and it could be slid onto a headband.

Handmade Black and White Skirt- $25

This was made by a seamstress a few years ago, but like the other one, I haven't worn it too many times. The craftsmanship isn't super awesome; the top of the lace shows in a couple places.

Handmade "I Love Strawberries" Skirt- $25

I made this as an experiment for casual lolita in the summer. It doesn't have too much puff and is 16" long. Perfect for a casual summer thing. It has a layer of tulle and is lined. The print is too cute, shown here.
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