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DS: Final Price Reduction! In The Starlight blue and white skirt, cheap!

Hello everyone! Here is a link to my feedback page on here:
I don't have feedback on here yet, but I have feedback on eBay(100+), Den of Angels, Etsy, and Dairyland BJD. :)

I live in Beloit, WI so all my items will be shipped from there! My prices are in USD and include US shipping. No extra charges for paypal fees as they are included in the price.
Also, sorry, but NO trades right now, there are a few things I'm trying to afford :)

In The Starlight skirt - TRADING


It was labeled as 28" waist and with my 30" waist I can't fit it at all because it doesn't have any stretch. I can get the zipper all the way up though, so maybe someone craft could modify it so that there is a small bit of extra fabric with another button or something? If I didn't need the money, I would try it :)

So, I'm hoping that someone else can get some love out of it! It's really a pretty skirt and I'm the second owner of it. When it arrived, it smells like a soap so I'm thinking it was washed before it was sent to me :) Also, the skirt measures about 22 inches long.

Thank you~
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