Notthequeen (notthequeen) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB Bodyline RHS in black in size 260

before you read any farther

feedback have made sevral purchases on egl but I always forget to ask for feedback so if you want to set certain rules becuase of my blank page , as long as they are reasonably feel free to state them.)
I only pay via paypal

I prefer us buyers but counting on the shipping I could buy out of the country

I would like you to include the price of the shoes plus shipping as well as tracking
(the shipping address would be new jersey 07103. USA)

I will leave feedback once I recieve my item.

I would like to buy these bodyline rocking horse shoes in size 260 in black.
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Please provide proof pictures when you offer as well as pictures of any damage thank you
Tags: !wtb, bodyline
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