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DS: Rainbow marshmallow style hairbow holder and AATP postcard

 Sorry, long rules first!
~I ship packages first class mail or parcel post in the US (priority is extra)
~I only provide a tracking number upon request for the additional cost
~Tracking for international packages is not possible and they are shipped parcel post
~Speedy delivery is available for international packages but is very expensive
~I have two non-shedding dogs and I try and keep them away from my items but I wanted to forewarn anyway
~Items are from a nonsmoking household
~I have over 100 positive feedback as seen here and no negative feedback
~I do accept higher offers for 24 hours if I have an item listed as OBO
~The first person to ask a question about the item has dibs, not the first person to leave a PP address.
~If you do not respond back or pay an invoice within 12 hours I will pass the item to the next person without warning
~There are no added fees, the price is what it is

First up is this handmade hairbow holder.  I made it based off a tutorial I saw on the main community
but have since made something else for myself so there is no use keeping it.
Please Note:  This is NOT super high quality.  It should work great for it's purpose and not fall apart, but it's
not made as professionally as something I would normally sell.
I just want to sell it in hopes that someone can use instead of just throwing it away
The base is cardboard with fabric wrapped around, the center is a paper towel holder with
sheets of cotton fluff wrapped around it, and the stripes are tubes of fabric with fabric fluff within.
Believe it or not, this really did take a long time to make XD
Here are some shots of the top and imperfections

Tippy top

Back view

Asking Price:  $10 plus shipping
I will take offers for 36 hours as I have absolutely no idea on price here ^^;
Feel free to make high or low offers
Shipping:  $8 in the US
$12 international
I know the shipping seems harsh but it has to be put in a relatively large box
if shipping is significantly cheaper I will refund a few dollars back


Btssb/AATP postcard of the horoscope print
It's lovely and vibrant in real life but my camera did not want to pick it up x.x

Selling for $2 if you buy the hairbow holder (not on it's own!)
It's in pristine condition I just accidentally had a duplicate
Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, handmade, offbrand
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