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DS: BTSSB, AP, Bodyline // WTB/DT: BTSSB Pony in Sweet Dream

-My EGL feedback:
 - Please note though that this is my first time selling.
-I am shipping from CA, USA
-I have no pets or conditions.
-All prices are in USD
-I only accept paypal
-All prices DO NOT include shipping and paypal fees.
 -If you are interested in purchasing, please ask for a quota. I will include all fees.
 -I do accept gifting.
-I ship USPS; USA buyers preferred.
 -If may be willing to ship international, depending on location.
  -Please note that since this is my first time selling, I am not really sure on how to do international sales.
Here is my proof that I do own these items:
All items below will be listed separately, with prices excluding the shipping and paypal fees.
All items have been thoroughly checked to the best of my abilities.
AP A la Carte Grosgrain Haircombs - WhitexPink

I bought these at the AP store in San Francisco opening day.
It is in good condition. I have only tried them on a couple of times; never worn other than that.
Also, I apologize if this is the wrong name for the haircombs. I tried looking online for the name and the only thing I found was a barrette with a similar design, so I assumed it belonged to that series.
AP Pom-Pom Beret - Black

Bodyline Houndstooth Coat with Cape - Black
I bought this off of the Bodyline website in size M. The design is very cute. The cape and the bow on it are detachable.
It is in good condition. The coat is has only been worn once.
B - 37 inches
W - 30 inches
Measurements were converted to inches from the website. If you would like me to do a manual measurement, please ask me.
The back of the coat has ties.
I will say though that this coat is VERY THICK AND HEAVY. The coat can act as an OP, or you must wear a very light outfit underneath it.
BTSSB Grosgrain Bow Hairties - Orange
I got this from the BTSSB store in San Francisco from an Accessory Lucky Pack. I do not look well in warm colors nor will I probably ever find/make an orange JSK.
It is in good condition. They have only been worn once.
 I am still looking for the BTSSB Pony in Sweet Dream JSK in BLACK in a SMALL/MEDIUM.
I will buy or trade any of the above items for it. If you will trade, please tell me what you are willing to trade it for.

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