Lace a la Mode (bunny_labbits) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
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Hello! I'm looking to buy shoes/ socks that are off-brand. 
 Shoe Details:
  • My feet are 25cm long ( that's 8 1/2 USA or 6 UK or 24.5 JAP)
  • Preference for An*tai*na shoes
  • Mostly looking for mary jane types, but post your boots, I might like 'em!
  • Minor scuffing is fine by me ( as long as it's reflected in the price), but I would prefer them in newer condition.
  • White/ pink are what I'm really looking to own, but I might also be interested in mint/brown/sax!
 Sock Details:
  • No dirt stains pleeeeease <3
  • Preference for Secret Shop
  • Not looking for anything specific, so just post what you got!
Looking to buy more than one pair so don't get discouraged if you see me already buying <3
I'd appreciate if shipping to the US was included in your price- thanks!!

Tags: !wtb, offbrand
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