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!DS: AATP Opera Millefeuille OP (Reposted after a month)

+ I am shipping from France.

+ I have three cats and a smoking mom. While I keep them away from my fancy clothes, please be aware of this if you have bad allergies.

+ I'd rather give priority to French/European buyers for obvious reasons, but international buyers are welcome too.

+ I only accept paypal.

+ First person to post their paypal address and pay full price will get the item.

+ Shipping and Paypal fees are NOT included in the price. International buyers: please inquire, shipping can get pricey here, sorry about that.

+ I am NOT responsible for a package stolen or lost in the mail, especially if you live in a country that is notorious to have problems with that. If something like that were to happen, I'd help you the best of my ability, but please understand that I don't work for the post and therefore can't do much.

+ No returns.

+ Once you agree to buy something from me, I'll assume you have read all of this.

+ I have feeback in both my journal and eglfeedback

/End TL;DR and onto the fun stuff:

125 euros

I'm accepting offers on this. Please just don't be ridiculous as shipping can get pricey.

Official information and close ups:

* Please note: I'd say the measurements are off on this, when I was a 68 cm waist I could fit in it, but barely. The buttons would close, but snap open if I happened to bend over. So I'd recommend being a bit smaller than that for it to fit properly. I believe the bust, on the other hand, fit me fine, and I am a bit above 80 cm. I'll take more measurements if needed, feel free to ask. :)

* Also this has loose treads, LOTS of. This is part of the design, and because of this, the dress looks a bit 'messier' in real life. Just letting you know in case this is not something you like. I think it makes it look 20% cooler, personally. (Do I sound like a carpet seller yet?)

Proof picture
Bust close-up
It is in good condition as far as I know, aside from some slight pilling on the right back side, near the waist.

Thanks for looking!
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