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WTB/WTT: Lots of skirts. Lots and lots of skirts. Some JSKs. OH AND PARASOLS AND STUFF brand only

Feedback here
Location: New Zealand

I am interested in buying some skirts/jsks with prints similar to this kind of style (will consider almost anything though!)

OR very simple skirts like this (but again, really not picky, offer anything)

I am willing to pay cash immediately, or I have the following up for trade:
AP's Fantastic Dolly OP in Black

I'm not really picky at the moment, so I'll look at anything as long as it's not OPs or Blouses : P
Please feel free to offer any brand skirts at all - as long as the waist measurement is above 70cm ^^

Not picky on color or length or print. I just realised that I don't have any skirts.
Although I am very partial to midsummer's night dream, beardsley alice, she is sleeping, sleeping beauty... you get the picture :P

I will consider jsks as well.
And parasols. And novelty items (not stickers or books).

Trades take priority ^^

As much as I love handmade work, please don't offer commissions <3 I sew as well : P
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, any brand, atelier pierrot, baby the stars shine bright, beth, black peace now, coronet, innocent world, jane marple, juliette et justine, mary magdalene, metamorphose, moi-meme-moitie, peace now, victorian maiden

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