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DS: socks, shoes and skirt

i ship everywhere but prices here includes shipping to Canada and USA only. for other countries, please ask. please be aware that Canada post doesnt work at the moment but i take reservation with payment. first to pay, first to get. all prices are in US and i only accept paypal ( all sales are final.

from left to right
white socks with lace: worn 2-3 times, very good condition,  6$
rockabill socks with cherry ponpons: worn once, very good condition, 8$
hearth and skulls: never worn, brand new, 10$
chandelier with bow socks: never worn,  8$
baby pink/blue roses socks: never worn,  8$

from left to right
bodyline lace socks: worn 2-3 times, good condition, 5$
"bee" socks: worn 2-3 times, excellent condition, 7$
sweet ribbon/flowers socks: worn 2-3 times, very good condition, 8$
sweet candy stripped socks: never worn, 14$
diamond socks: never worn, 14$ (the lines are silver)

top to bottom
purple/black stripped socks OTK: worn more than the others but still in great condition, 6$
bodyline cream OTK with lace: worn once, they're bigger than my other socks so they where not tight enough for me, 6$
yellow shinny OTK: i LOVE these but never worn them because i dont have anything that match :( , 10$


these are sitting in my closet for over 6 years but i worn them once only for a photoshoot and it was inside. they're way to small for me. they're size 39 which is suppose to be 8US but i would say it's more like a 7 or a 7.5 . they're in really good shape except for a small scratch on the heel on one shoe. 27$

bodyline pink shoes. never worn, they're too big for me so i bought another pair. size 26.5 . they're sold out on the site and they're really cute and comfortable (when they fit well :P ). 27$

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