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DS: Classic long dark brown wig & Blue Circle Lenses

Currently, I only have purchasing feedback but I am an online shop owner who sells things for a living, have sold things on Etsy along with lots of old feedback on Soompi Sell&Trade forums under the sn "sleepii". In short, I've been selling things online for a long time.

I am NOT looking for trades at the moment but thank you!
All prices are in USD
Accepted payment options: PayPal
First to leave PayPal address, gets the item (all PP comments screened)
PayPal fees are INCLUDED unless stated otherwise
I have two cats & a dog - ALL items are thoroughly lint-rolled and inspected prior to shipping. Just a warning for those with allergies/preferences.
Please ask all questions prior to purchase! I will try to answer all questions thoroughly & quickly.
Please be clear about whether you will purchase or not!

Mailed by USPS
All items shipped from USA (Philadelphia, PA)
International customers welcome - PLEASE let me know what country so I can provide a shipping quote
ALL items will include Delivery Confirmation free of charge (if possible)
All items shipped 1-2 days after payment is completed

Thank you for reading the terms of sales! Now onto the items...

Dark Brown Long Wig (SOLD)

Geo Angel Blue (832)

Click for Original Site of Sale

<< Click on thumbnails for larger photos

Price: $23 shipped in the US

Prescription: 1 year
Diameter: 14.0mm
Prescription: -2.75
Color is fairly accurate in photo, please check the original sales site for a clearer image of the color.

Includes:  Contacts (1 lens/vial), Information insert, contact lens case

I really need these gone. I bought them in the wrong prescription & they've just been sitting in my dresser drawer since then.
Thank you for looking!
Tags: !ds, offbrand
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