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DS: 20% reductions - japanese indie brand jsk, angelic pretty lollipop headband, sweets print shirt

Wall of text but it's all important:

A] Prices are in USD
B] I do not charge paypal fees.
C] Shipping is from New Zealand - I refuse to use anything other than EMS shipping if the item's cost is over $200USD. For everything else, I send by airmail, which is quick and reliable. Airmail parcels typically take 7-10  days to arrive at their destination.
D] Feedback: 70+ positive at egl feedback under the username 'osea-chelleo'
E] My feedback is excellent so I expect you to have the same. When inquiring to purchase, please provide a link to your feedback. Negative feedback or no legitimate feedback = no sale, sorry.
F] My belongings are well looked after. I am extremely meticulous (bordering on OCD) when it comes to cleanliness.
G] No trades, and no holds at this time. I am willing to negotiate payment plans for certain items.

I accept reasonable offers! I absorb 5% paypal fees, so take this into account when comparing my prices to those of other sellers who add _% to your invoice.

No trades, sorry.

Japanese indie brand floral dress

A high quality Japanese indie brand dress by 'Parerga'. I bought this unworn and myself have worn it three times so it is still in very good condition. It is a beautifully made dress with nice lace detailing and a lace up panel at the front. The colour is best described as a rosy dusky pink.  My photo doesn't do it justice!

The dress comes with an 'old-skool' headdress, and three detachable bows.


Bust - 88cm
Waist - 80cm
Length - 90cm

Price - sold

Shipping (Airmail) - USA $20, UK $22, South America $24
Please inquire if your location is not stated above.

Angelic Pretty Candy headband

Lollipops and glitter. This has been worn three times, it's adorable, but not my style anymore.
I will post this in a box for peace of mind.

Price: sold

shipping cost (Airmail): USA $10, UK $12 South America $14
Please inquire if your location is not included above.

Sweets printed shirt
Super cute sweets printed shirt. I bought it from the sales comm but have never had a chance to wear it. Would look cute worn under a choco-brown JSK.

Bust - 80cm
Length - 39cm

Price - $10 $8

Shipping cost (Airmail): USA $10 UK $12 South America $14
Please inquire if your location is not stated above.

Thanks for looking!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, indie brand, offbrand
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