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DS: Angelic Pretty Spring Summer 2010 Catalog

things you should know before placing order
**only ship to the USA. sorry!
**shipping NOT included in price! i use flat rate boxes ($11) :)

**buyer is expected to pay paypal fees (2.9% + $0.30)
**no trades, sorry! (unless i directed you here personally XD)
**i have two cats and one dog, but i am from a non-smoking environment.
**i will take paypal payments
**once something has been shipped out, it no longer my responsibility.
**you can find my feedback here and at ebay.

angelic pretty 2010 spring/summer catalog - $25 shipped

i decided to sell this catalog, as much as i love it, because i never ended up finding a frame and i didn't wanna take it apart </3
it is in like new condition, but there is a dent at the top that is not noticeable and the front page's bottom right corner is a little broken but none of it is noticeable. 
(this is my own picture, i can't find my camera right now so here's a webcam pic)
feel free to ask which prints are featured! it's a truly beautiful catalog and will look great in your room :]
it's 10 pages, double sided~

click here to see my older sales! (white short sleeve BTSSB rosellina blouse)

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