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DS/DT: Vivienne Westwood Choker!

The prices do not include shipping and are in Euros.
- Paypal only, no extra fees :)
- I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages.
- The one that can pay first, or highest offer will get priority.
- I've got feedback here and for GO here
- I have cats and a dog, so allergic buyers beware.
They aren't allowed in my room, where I keep the items I sell, but sometimes one manages to sneak in.
- To convert currency, use XE
- Shipping includes the price of the packaging

Vivienne Westwood Bas Relief 3 Row Choker: €300 or best offer (Retail price is 335 gbp or 380 euro!)
I got this choker a couple years ago and I'm letting it go because it's just too overwhelming for me,
I personally prefer much more simplistic jewelry and bought this on a whim, so it's never gotten much use
wich is a total shame because this piece is absolutely gorgeous! I don't know if VWs design over time, but
since I got it a couple years ago there might be small changes regarding the construction, compared the ones
that they sell now, but unless they sell replicas at the official stores, it's authentic.
Sadly don't have the receipt anymore, I do have the original box somewhere (I hope!)

I might be interested in (partial) trades, so show me what you've got :)
I only ship this piece with tracking and insurance! But let me know if I have to mark down the price.
Tags: !ds, !dt, vivienne westwood
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