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!DS Bodyline JSKs/Skirt, Lots of Floral Items, and a wig

*I accept Paypal only
*I ship from Massachusetts, USA.
*Items come from a smoke free and pet free environment.
* No Trades please!
*I prefer selling to American buyers; however I will sell internationally as well. Although, the starting price for international shipping is $15. I apologize for the high price.

FEEDBACK: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1117552.html
The notecard is my proof :3

Bodyline Black Cherry Dress SOLD

Back | Print | Lace | Stock Picture
Measurements according to Bodyline: Bust: 86-96cm / Waist: 72-82cm / Length: 87 cm
As you can see from the stock image, I have removed the puffy sleeve lace and turned this OP into a JSK. The lace was removed because I found it rather scratchy and uncomfortable to wear. There are two types of lace on the bottom of this dress. The top layer is very soft, while the bottom layer is just a tad bit scratchy. The fabric is very soft, but it has a shiny luster. This was never worn; only tried on.
NOTE: The detachable bow is NOT included. I have grown rather fond of that bow and have incorporated it into my daily fashion—not just Lolita. I apologize in advance.
$30 including shipping (to the US)

Bodyline Beige Floral JSK SOLD

Back | Print
Measurements according to Bodyline: Length: 92-94cm / Bust: 82-92cm / Waist: 64-74cm
Gorgeous floral print. Worn once. There are buttons on the back to adjust the sleeves. I have removed the lace around the sleeves and at the bottom of the dress. If you wish to compare the original with the lace, please check it out here: http://bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=2827&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_19&noSubType=N
$35 Including Shipping (to the US)

Bodyline Beige Floral Skirt SOLD

Waist | Print
Measurements According to Bodyline: Length: 57cm / Waist: 62-74cm
Absolutely gorgeous print. Unfortunately, I do not like how it looks on me. Never worn, only tried one. This is basically brand new and I would like to get back some of the money that I paid for it. On the bow, there was originally a very cheap-looking cameo. However, it was broken when I received it so it has been removed and will not be included.
$25 Including Shipping (to the US)

26 Inch Blue-Black Mix Wig

I took this picture a while back so I completely forgot the notecard, sorry. This wig is extremely soft, and has a realistic skin cap. It is made from heat resistant fibers, and can be straightened or curled. This has never been worn; only tried on.
$40 Including Shipping (to the US)

Bodyline Beige Floral Bag SOLD

Alternate View
Measurements according to Bodyline: Depth: 15cm / Width: 31cm / Thickness: 9cm
Very cute, small bag; however, I have never used it and do not plan too.
$10 Including Shipping (to the US)
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