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DS: Handmade Skirt


Please click the image to be taken to the Etsy listing. Or here's a text link:

Because I've been questioned on this point: Yes, it's got dots. If you view the full size and zoom in you can see there's a pattern on it. The dots are just teeny, and the photo of the fabric actually has a measuring tape on the side where it doesn't show in the thumbnail.

Use the coupon code EGLCOMMSALES10OFF at checkout for 10% off your order.

I have always provided FREE WAIST ALTERATIONS on skirts with elastic waistbands, but please check out the individual listings for any size limitations based on fabric availablilty.

The skirt from my post 4 days ago is still available, you can see that post here:

The best way to contact me regarding sales is through Etsy as LJ doesn't always like to notify me when someone comments or PMs me. It's like a moody ex.
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