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SS: Nagoya- 3 slots left!

Dear all
I am going to be in Nagoya in late June for 2 weeks. But this is a school trip and I have only 2 very free shopping days. I am going to the Sakae Nova building where most of the Lolita shops are. I am opening up an SS service for fellow lolis, there will be 5 spots only due to ease in logistics and luggage space. I plan to buy for you and then bring it back to the UK to ship. EU customers especially welcome. In order to avoid customs questions at the airport, the labels will be removed, but I can enclose them with the item afterwards.
Commission: 10% of price of item.
Cost for you: item price, my commission and shipping charges from the UK.
Please PM by filling out the form below:

LJ Username:
Real name:
EGL Feedback Link:
Item descriptions:
Item picture: pls send me pics
Total cost of items:
Paypal email:

I need payment in full before I purchase. Payments will be refunded if the item cannot be found. I can shop in:
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Angelic Pretty
Innocent World
Kera Shop
Atelier Boz
Jane Marple
Ozz On
Rose Bullet

Pls note that I can't buy shoes, bags (except totes), parasols. I will consider headbows depending on size and ease of packing.

3 Slots Left!!
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