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DS: brand and off brand lolita clothing and WTBs


♡ The conditions of all items are good or new.
♡ I'm not interested in trades.
♡ All prices are in Euro (€). I will only accept payments in this currency.
♡ I ship worldwide.
♡ Paypal (non cc prefered) or bank transfer (Germany only)
♡ Shipping is not included in the prices. Please ask for it. If you want insured shipping (EMS), let me know beforehand.
♡ Priority goes to the first buyer who can pay the full price, not for the first to ask a question.
♡ No holds.
♡ I do not smoke or have any pets.
♡ I'll send the item out ASAP after confirmed payment.
♡ If you have any questions or want more pictures please request, I'll do what I can ^_^
♡ I hope you'll love the item(s) as much as I did ;)

My feedback:

personal journal

Dresses, Skirts And Trousers

Metamorphose temps de fille powder pink striped Jumperskirt
Size: Bust 95cm max, waist 76cm max
Price: 70 Euro

Angelic Pretty Skirt with a big sparkling bow
Size: waist 70 maximum!
Lenght: 53cm
Price: 70 Euro

Off Brand Highwaist gingham skirt
Size: Free (60-80cm waist possible)
Lenght: 45cm
Price: 8 Euro

H&M creme high waist skirt
Size: waist max 78cm
Price: 15 Euro

Innocent World piano border trousers
Size: waist max 72cm
Price: 65 Euro

Cutsews, Hoodies, Cardigans & Blouses

Baby the stars shine bright cutsew
Size: bust 90cm waist 76cm
Price: 30 Euro

Worn (hair gums are also on sale):

Baby the stars shine bright sailor blouse
Size: bust 93cm waist free (babydoll cut)
Price: 60 Euro

H&M YOUNG heart hoodie
Size: Childsize 152, I'd say max would be Bust 90cm and waist 74cm
Price: 9 Euro

Gingham Mint Off Brand Cutsew
Size: Bust: 96cm max Waist: free
Price: 13 Euro

H&M Blouse with diy flower buttons
Size: Bust: 92cm max Waist: 76cm max
Price: 15 Euro

Dunkesüss T-Shirt Pink
Size: M (bust 95cm max, waist 76cm max)
Price: 13 Euro

Dunkesüss T-Shirt Blue
Size: M (bust 95cm max, waist 76cm max)
Notes: There is a little yellowing on the collar but not noticeable from the outside
Price: 8 Euro

Pink Butterfly Cardigan
Size: Small (would say 90cm bust max and 76cm waist max)
Price: 15 Euro

Alice and the priates cutsew
Size: Bust 95cm max waist 76cm max
Price: 35 Euro

Alice and the priates cutsew
Size: Bust 95cm max waist 76cm max
Notes: It's compatible with the first aatp cutsew. Crown is not included. There is a tiny dot on the left sleeve but barely noticeable
Price: 55 Euro

Socks and the like

Angelic Pretty strawberry socks
Size: S-M // 36-38 // 23-24 cm
Price: 20 Euro

Butterfly socks
Size: S-M // 36-38 // 23-24 cm
Price: 8 Euro

H&M Ankle socks set

Accessory & Magazines

Angelic Pretty Bonbon gingham hair combs
Price: 25 Euro

Metamorphose temps de fille pink heart hairgums
Price: 15 Euro

Angelic Pretty musical note totebag
Price: 30 Euro

Magazine set
Notes: Only Gorurori 7 is available now!
Price: 7 Euro

Want to buy ...

Metamorphose sailor items

I'm especially searching for hairgums/hair ribbons (tricolour (navy, red, white) and skirts (navyblue preferrably)

Alice and the priates tartan check hat

I'm searching for the matching hat to this Jumper:

it looks like a barret and has a heart on it

Rocking horse shoes size 37(eu) / 23,5cm (only the colour white please)

Tags: !ds, !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, metamorphose
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