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DS: Cinderella Jewelry JSK, AP Mini, IW JSKs: Cream Puff & Lauretta Rose, AATP Cardigan, AP Blouse


Feel free to ask questions, but do not ask about anything you can't afford to buy or put a deposit down on for payment plan or don't have any plans of doing so. Don't want to be mean, but this has been happening lately >.<

No Trades

Use this template when responding, please. If you're in the US, I only need "Item" and "paypal"


US: All sales will be shipped within  1-4 business days. Check paypal for tracking info/notification of shipment(1.a) US buyers have priority. Paypal addresses (not those with questions contingent upon answers) have priority. If I am able, I'll answer your question asap, but if I have a committed buyer by the time I check the page again, it goes to them.

(2) International buyers, I ship First class with registered mail service for tracking or EMS. I can ship first class international w/o tracking if you pay with a personal payment. I won't be responsible if it does not reach you. I'll send you a photo of the receipt from the post office as proof of shipment if you ask. If I invoice you, I ship registered mail/EMS

(3). I offer at least 1 hour to send payment. After this period, if there is another offer, it becomes available to whoever sends payment first unless you make an agreement with me to pay at a later time.

(4) I will usually allow a payment plan, but at times I'd rather have the money upfront. Just ask

No Trades


Innocent World Lauretta Rose JSK
$240 +10 US Shipping $25-28 internationally. Bust 31-42, waist 26-34, 33 inches long. Excellent condition, can't find a flaw anywhere on itSOLD.
AATP Cream Cardigan w/pink Ribbon accent

45+$4 Shipping in the US. Int'l ask for quote. Very soft and comfortable bust 38-44, 18.5 inches longSOLD
Cinderella Jewelry by BabyProof  Detail Back
$315 + 10 shipping, $25-28 internationally. Can corset down to 28in and stretch to 40in in the bust, waist can corset down to  24in and can stretch to 35in . Excellent conditionSOLD
Black Heart Headband by AP

10+4 shipping. You could fix this perhaps by pushing the wire back in until it pops back into place. I just wore it like this, since it's such a minor detail. You could also paint the wire with black nail polish if you have it.SOLD
AP Pink Short Sleeve Blouse

$50+$4 US shipping, intl. ask for quote. 34-36 inch bust, depending on how you corset the ties, 30-32 inch waist depending on how you corset the ties. 20 inches long, No flawsPAYMENT PENDING
BTSSB Crystal Jewelia Headbow in Pink

Stock photo from Baby's website  Worn

$40 + $4 shipping. Price at Baby is currently about $58. int'l shipping, ask for quote. Very crisp and clean, no sign of wear
AP Mini Skirt with Pink Polkadots

$110 Shipped. Its in mint condition, I can't find any flaws. It has some very nice volume even without a petticoat underneath. 26 inch waist, 16 inches long including the laceSOLD.
Angelic Pretty Pink Striped Socks

$12 $15 including shipping. These are new under knee socks. They've only been tried on. Note that the coloration is most accurate in the photo above of the whole pair. Sometimes I have to put the color back into a photo after the camera takes it out.SOLD

Innocent World OP

Stain Stain 2 Hem Sleeve Back Stock photo

$140 + 10 US shipping, Internationally, it will be 25. Bust 26-46 inches, waist 20-40 inches. That shirring is amazingly stretchy. 34 inches long. It has some things wrong with it, so I reduced it by about $70. I would have wanted to sell for 200. Note, the coloration in the photo shown above is more accurate than the detail shots.

One of the sleeves needs to have the elastic replaced. It's been held together by a pin. The pin's been taken out and where it pierced the dress, there is a dot of rust. Unless you leave it flopping around, this won't show because the elastic will gather the material and hide it or you can put the pin back in. I don't have a worn pic, but I can say that there isn't really a noticeable difference if you choose to do that. It just won't be as comfortable as the other side. There is a place under one of the ruffles where it's become separated. Easy sewing fix. There's a subtle stain on the back of the dress on the trim less than 1 inch long and about 1/10 of a cm wide. There's a yellowish stain near the waist where a drink was spilled. None of this is obvious unless you are looking for it except for maybe the sleeve. Pics of this are all shown at the detail links
Strawberry OTK Socks

$15+$3 Shipping in the US. These are new and unworn.
Strawberry Striped UK Socks

$10+3 Shipping. Also new and unwornSOLD
Swimmer Carousel Pastel Ponies Picture Frame
$25+$5 shipping?? Brand new. Not sure how to price this, but if I saw this in a store, that's what I'd expect to pay. If you know better what these things go for around here, feel free to make an offerSOLD.
Classic Compact Parasol in Brown 

15$ Shipped. For sun only Inside  Open

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