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WTB - Brand skirts and Bodyline skirts

I'm looking for a few items. 
Nothing big and my budget isn't huge. My feedback is here

My waist is 28inches
Meta Honey picnic skirt in Lavender or Mint
Angelic Pretty Sweet Cake Skirt in Mint
Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam Skirt in Yellow or Red
Bodyline Alice Skirt in red size M
Bodyline Candy Stripe skirt in Mint size M
Pink SS blouse with collar to fit 93cm bust

I have a budget of about $80, but the price I will pay will depend on the condition of the item.  If I find the two bodyline items, I'd want the total to be $80 or less.  Can you send me offers which include paypal fees and shipping please.  By all means, ifyou have other skirts that you think I may be interested in, please post, but do not be offended if I decline.
I am in the UK.  I will pay with paypal.

Thank you!

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, bodyline, metamorphose
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