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DS AATP Stained glass Angel Long OP, offbrand shoes for 7.5 and 8 size

Shipping from Georgia, USA
I accept Paypal only
I have 4 cats, try my best to remove furs before shipping but it's impossible to remove all of them since cats are still around me.
My feedback is here :

I'm not interested in trade, but if you have Innocent world OP/JSK or other AATP printing OP/JSK I might be interested in.

Selling AATP Stained glass angel long OP  :ready to be shipped
Bust : almost free, upper part is almost free
Wasit : up to 30 inch
Here's more information about this OP
Lolibray says it's quite tight on waist but I could wear it when I was 30~31 inch waist.

Here's some stain you need to check

There's a yellow stain middle of the upper part, it's about 1.5cmX1.5cm. In fact I didn't try to get rid of this by my self. I'm pretty sure this stain will be gone by professional cleaner. it's hard to see when you acturally wear this OP, because it's hiden by other fabrics.

Here's litlte more stain.. but quite hard to see unless you really close up and searching for it.

Print  part no stain at all. It's in great condition.
I bought this OP about 2 year ago only wear it once. I have no idea where the stain comes from.. XD

Offbrand Black shoes
US size 8, 250 cm
Asking 10 + shipping

I hardly wear them still in great condition. It's quite goes well with lolita outfits.

There's minor scratch, hardly see them when you wear them.

Offbrand indi pink color shoes
US size 8, 250
Asking 15 + shipping

Pretty Indi pink color high heel, this shoes will look great on classic lolita
I tried them indoor few times but never worn them outside.

unfortunately ony of my cat made a scratch here.

Offbrand ivory-cream color heel  - ready to be shipped
US size 7.5, 245cm

I really love them and looks so great on classic lolita but need some cash now.... XD
This is almost new, bought few months ago from Korea.
I only worm them about 2 hours inside photo studio, they are in perfect condition.

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