the alpacalypse (pettyinpink) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
the alpacalypse

wtb: various ap prints & el dorado

my feedback is here:

I've had an awful day at the dentist so I feel like having some retail therapy. I would like to purchase something off of my wishlist. It's pretty AP heavy.

I'll look at mostly anything from these prints except if noted as being a skirt. I'm leaning toward skirts due to price but I'll make exceptions. :3

-Cherry berry bunny in yellow

-Mermaid symphony skirt in mint

-Happy garden skirt in lavender (replica is okay)

-Milky-chan the Fawn skirt in brown (replica is okay also)

-Twinkle star bag in yellow (or replica)

-Lyrical bunny bag in pink (or replica)

-Jelly Jewelry in any color except sax

-Honey Cake in yellow or mint

-Aqua Princess in anything but sax

-Baby's El Dorado skirt in pink

Thanks! :D
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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