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DS: AatP, offbrand

This is my first sales post, so bear with me!

~ Prices should include US shipping. For shipping costs outside the US, just ask!
~US buyers preferred, but certainly not limited!
~Prices are flexible, to a fair degree.
~ I am open to trades, unless stated otherwise. Preferably black things.
~ I ship from Chicago, IL.
~ Any damage that I know of to the items is noted.
~ My Nightmare Before Christmas bedspread is my proof. I tried to make Jack look like he was wearing the items. xD
~ Feedback page here:

On to the sales!

* Alice and the Pirates Circus JSK in Pink * -$210 OBO-

I bought this JSK from baroquepetrock a few months ago, and I have to come to terms with the fact that I just won't wear pink! Its a gorgeous lilac-y pink, rather than super-cupcake-pastel pink.

[Photo with flash]

When I purchased it, she said the old flower brooch had come off, so she made a new one. I took it off the dress, but I will include it!

Note: There is some weirdness in the shoulder straps. If the bust is larger than the stated measurements, the buttons on the back bows will pull, and cause the strap fabric to rotate weirdly. I took the back bows off when I wore it.

Photo taken without flash, close to true color. The flash washes the color out a little. Its really pretty, just admittedly not my style. I can provide more photos if you would like.

Hellolace link:

* Alice and the Pirates Cutsew* -$20 OBO-

Yet another poor decision RE: Pink Lolita Stuff. It has detachable sleeves, which are just a bit short for me. I like my sleeves a little longer. Also, the torso is relatively short, better worn with a skirt at the waist.

Print closeup!

Hellolace link:

* Offbrand Black x White skirt* -$25 OBO-

I purchased this off the sales comm a few months back, but only wore it once. I would recommend at least a 28 waist for this. I'm a 27 and when I wear it, the back shirring sags a bit because I don't stretch it at all. Its rather heavy, fully lined, and comes with a petticoat built in. There are also two little waist-tie buttons (shaped like fish!) on it, but I didn't receive waist ties when I bought the skirt. I found some small stains on the skirt, which I have not tried to remove yet. I will try, before shipping, if you like. There are some loose threads near the zipper as well, which is how I received the skirt.

Photo without flash.

Tag inside says Elva Nora.

Close-up of the lace!

* Offbrand Pink Cardi * -$5 OBO-

Cleaning out more pink! Bought this to match a skirt that I've since sold. There is a nickel-sized stain on the left sleeve, and a smaller stain on the right sleeve, and the thread on the top button is a little loose. The button facing is adorable polka-dotted ribbon!

Left sleeve.

Right sleeve.

This is (I believe) a children's cardigan, so it runs small. I wear it as a 3/4 sleeve.

Any questions, feel free to ask! I check the computer pretty regularly, so I will try and give quick responses!
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