theloserific (theloserific) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB/WTT: Red Bodyline Shoes + White Kneesocks with Lace


I'm looking for red Bodyline shoes with heels. I'm open to a variety though here are the ones I am looking for in order of preference:

Shoe Size: 25.5 preferable, possibly 26.

I am also looking for plain white knee socks with lace at the top.

I am willing to trade as well. Please check out my past DS posts:

Baby Dress + Lots of small accessories.
Fur Shawls

Both the shoes and socks are needed by the end of June if not sooner, so US sellers are preferred.

Feel free to comment below or message me if you have something along these lines and/or would like to trade. Please note that I do not receive e-mails for PMs, so if you would like a faster response you can e-mail me at

I have feedback available here.

Thanks for looking!

Tags: !dt, !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, offbrand
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