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DS: 20% reductions

Hi Everyone! All items from my last post have been reduced by 20% - please let me know if I mis-calculated or forgot to re-price an item. Thanks~ ^___^


A Few Rules: (Please Read)

I ship from the US.
Buyers within the US get priority.
Shipping within the US is included in the price. It still costs a lot, and I am not making very much. ;~; (Darn you, USPS!).
Tracking will be an extra $3.
For outside the US, shipping will be $7 more for small items such as socks, $12 more for medium items such as blouses, and $19 more for large items such as dresses. Tracking is not included for international items (in order to track, I need to send it express, which is a ridiculous $30-$40. You will receive a customs number, though)
Please let me know your location when you post (just the country is fine).
Items will be shipped out the week after payment is made.

  Buying / Trading:
All items are OBO, and prices are in USD.
They all have been used unless otherwise stated. They have all been washed. Any flaws I found have been photographed. I wear lolita clothing everyday, so please don't expect fresh-from-the-store clothing. I am not the kind of person whose clothes are in a glass-case; clothing is meant to be worn and seen by the world.
If anything I'm selling is a wishlist item, pm me and let me know; I'll give you a discount or free gift or priority. I know how good finding a wishlist item feels, so let me know (please so me your wtb or posted wishlist as well)~!  ♥
First to confirm to buy gets priority, not first to ask question etc. After confirming, you have 3 days to pay before it goes to next person. This rule is over-ridden by the US buyers priority rule (see above).
I will not be considering trades this time around. Sorry ;~; I am still broke.

    Sizing / Proof:
I don't have a way of properly measuring clothing, so all sizing is my best estimate, or, if available, I have listed the Hello Lace measurements.
When I describe colour, it is as I see it on my computer. If you have questions, I will do my best to answer them, but please be aware that there might be a slight difference between what I see on my computer and what you see on yours.
Extra photos, including proof, are listed as links below the primary item photo.
My proof is Family Octopi~

Okies, here are the items^^:
BodyLine Hat in Purple Plaid
Matches above AP Replica JSK
Price: $15  $12  $9

Kids Yoyo ETC Replica Salopette in Seafoam Green (Teal/ Dark Aqua)
Super Cute. Worn twice. Well kept. Made to fit my measurements, but has at least 6 inches in either direction (30 in. bust, 25in. waist, 30 in. hips). Includes matching headbow.
Price: $52 $41

Salopette  Head-Bow

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Emblem Scrunchie in Pink
Worn a few times. Can be worn on wrist too.
Price: $15 $12

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Pony in Sweet Dream Headbow in Pink
Worn several times. Very cute side bow.
Price: $27 $15

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Socks
See below picture for flaws
From Top to Bottom; ignore crossed out pairs
> Le Oiseau Bleu Madeline OTK Socks in WhitexBlue - $20 $16 $12 (worn ~10 times, sparkly!)
> Usakumya and Friends UTK Socks in Pink - $20 $16 $12(worn a couple times, minor pilling)

Flaws:  Pilling on top of Usakumya Socks

Metamorphose Spring Catalog
New condition, slight bend at stapling (it came like that when I got it from Meta's site)
Price: $15 $12 $9

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Postcard
New, I got this from the SF store.
Price: $10  $8 $6

thanks for looking~ ^^

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