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DS! Leaving Lolita - Brand Gothic Prints

I'm leaving lolita, and selling my collection to go on tour with my band. This is the first part of my sales and probably the cream of the crop for the most part- plus some extras. The prices I have listed are SUGGESTED. If I get more or less for them, I will take the highest offer. I would highly PREFER to sell within the US, as shipping is very expensive, and the last package I shipped overseas was quite crushed. I have very few dresses I am looking for in trade, so keep that in mind. If I get the price I want for the items, I will ship priority for free within the United States- IMMEDIATELY.


Vampire Requiem (original) short JSK and Vampire Requiem Bag Set - $600 OBO
It took me forever to find this. I bought the JSK off of Yahoo Japan and wore it once. I want to sell the bag with it as a set. For what I paid for the bag, which was also a second hand piece, it is a steal. The inside is impeccable. If I can make what I I want for the set, individually I will separate it. The bag came with the cross pendant, but not with the AATP bow ribbon. I will include the pendant, but it needs a way to be attached to the bag. The JSK is shorter than most AATP JSKs so keep that in mind. I would suggest at 32" bust max, and even then getting a blouse under it might be difficult.

Stock Photos:

Proof Photos:

Secondly, I have AATP Hymn print. I want $300 OBO for this. It's gorgeous. It's snug for AATP so 26" waist or smaller is recommended. It has detachable sleeves which will be included.    SOLD!
Stock Photo:

Proof Pics:

Castle of Nightmare - This was one of my favorite JSKs and I hate to part with it. I bought it directly from BABY and wore it quite a bit. I'll take $280 OBO for it since it has been worn several times. There is a bit of stretching in the bust, but it is still beautiful.

Stock Photo:


H. Naoto Honey Dress - So cute and casual. The trim is shiny satin and the dress is a stretchy material. It is perfect for a 28" bust or under. Make an offer.

Lastly, and forgive the derpy pic, is a Victorian / Aristo Set I used once for this photoshoot. The top is handmade (not by me) and the hat is from a convention in LA. Make an offer on the set.

Like I said, I am interested in VERY few trades, but if you have one of the following I might consider it:

Melty Chocolate Replica in Pink OP
Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theatre SET in BLUE (Preferably the sleeveless with all the accessories)
AATP Queen's Coach in Burgundy X Black
Innocent World Antique Book JSK
Swan Lake JSK in BLACK
Vampire Forest in PURPLE OR BLACK
Juliet Et Justine Crucifixtion JSK
Holy Night Story SET
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