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DT/DS Angelic Pretty Tea Party Shoes/Offbrand Bunny Jumper!

I ship from The Netherlands (Europe)
My Feedback Page ~
I only accept Pay Pal (I might accept banktransfer for Europian countries, if there is no other way)
I prefer to trade, you can read what I am looking for underneath the items!
I am also willing to sell these if I can't find items I like to trade for..
Shipping is not included in the price
I am looking for these sizes: Bust 88 cm and waist 77 cm
I have a dog and we used to have a cat, so please keep that in mind if you have any allergies!
I do not smoke and these items have never been in touch or near smoke either
Please don't be afraid to ask questions or make an offer ^^

Hello everyone ^^

Today my lovely assistent Red Roses will help me and she'll provide all the evidence you need,
So that you know that these items are genuinely mine!

All the items have more detailed information and pictures underneath,
But please keep in mind that these pictures are huge!

I have done this on purpose because you will be able to see the details better this way ^^
If for some reason your computer isn't able to load it because of the size,
Pleas let me know so I'll make the pictures smaller for you!

Of course if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them!

Angelic Pretty White Tea Party Shoes ~ (PENDING!!!)

Price: 120 + Shipping
Color: White
Buckle Color: Silver
Material: Synthetic Leather
Size: L

These shoes are in wonderful condition!
They have some minor damage which I will show you in the pictures.
I have worn them about 3 or 4 times in about 2 years,
They are really to big for me (I am a size M, I know now)
These were my first Lolita shoes, and even though it is sad they have to go,
I hope someone else will give these a loving home!
Because I have almost never worn them, they almost look like new!
They even come with the original box and dust bags!

Additional Pictures and information:

From the front

From Behind

From the inner sides

The soles of the shoes

The outer sides

As seen in the picture above and close-up in the following picture,
The lady in the shop I bought the shoes from switched the heart buckles.
She did this because the other buckle didn't want to close right..
But she put the wrong buckle on the shoe, so now the heart is the other way around.
I noticed this to late though, but it is not very noticeable when you wear them

Inside of the left shoe

There is dirt and small damage on the heel of left the shoe, where the straps are attached.
Both shoes have this, but these pictures are the damage on the left shoe

The inside of the right shoe

The dirt and small damage on the heel of the right shoe

The heel/strap attachment of the left shoe, on the outside
There is a small mark on the bow and it has been there already when I bought the shoes..
I think it might be factory glue

The heel/strap attachment of the right shoe, on the outside

Ribbon on the nose of the shoe, left side

Ribbon on the nose of the shoe, right side

Close-up of the straps of both shoes

And the shoes nice and cozy in their original box!

Of course my little Red Roses will provide you with the nessecary proof!

If you have any questions or need pictures of something specific, then please don't be afraid to ask!

Off brand Bunny Jumper or Dress!

Price: About 25 euro + shipping
Color: Brown
Material: Wool and acrylic mix

Size: One size. Original sizing says that it will fit XS/S/M/ 8/10/12 and around 100cm bust, but I could measure if you like to be sure!

Lenght: It can be worn as a dress if you are petite. If you are about 164 cm or taller, then it will be more of a long jumper on you.
It should be about 82 cm long, but I could measure if you like to be sure!

This Bunny Jumper/Dress is in perfect condition,
Because I have never worn it at all and all this time it has been hanging inside my closet.
The reason why I sell it is because I do not wear wool and I didn't knew it contained wool when I bought it..
Right now I also don't have anything to match it with either..
So I hope I can make someone else happy with it instead! ^^
I think this could be really cute with casual Lolita!

Additional Pictures and information:

Front of the Jumper/Dress

The back

The little bunny that comes with it! It can be adjusted to the Jumper/Dress with a safety pin!

And of course Red Roses will assist me and show you the proof once again!

Again if you have any questions or need pictures of something specific, then please don't be afraid to ask!


Brands like Angelic Pretty and Baby are preffered

I would like to (partial) trade for:

My most wanted items right now are (White) Lady Rose JSK and Princess Honey's tea salon JSK!

I am looking for pastel colors mostly ^^
Actually I really love Princess-y dresses (maybe with ruffles down the back <3)..
I like some prints too, like Milky-chan/Vanilla-chan.. Just show me anything you consider trading, Please ^^

I would also like to (partial) trade the Bunny Jumper/Dress for a frilly umbrella!
Again, just show me what you would consider to trade please!

I might also consider sweet Blouses or sweet Bolero!

Thank you very much for your attention, princesses!

Ps. If pictures aren't working or anything, please let me know ^^

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