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DS: Btssb, Shirley Temple, Putumayo, Meta, and more!

Hey, everyone :).


- I'm located in California, USA.
- I accept paypal only.
- I am NOT responsible for lost packages.
- Prices do not include shipping or pp fees.
- Prices are flexible, I am willing to haggle!
- I am open to trades or partial trades.
- First to leave paypal gets the item

- I have feedback here:


and here:




1. Btssb pinkxwhite babydoll jsk

I bought this jsk recently, and I do love it, but I discovered that pinkxwhite is pretty difficult to coordinate in my wardrobe. The dress has shirring in the back, and would accomodate a bust size up to around 40", but I would recommend a 38" or below for comfort. This jsk is also good for smaller sizes because of the shirring flexibility and the waist ties that can be used to make the waist smaller. I am about 5'3", and the dress sits slightly below my knee.

Stock image:

Proof picture:

Price: $110+shipping+pp fees


2. Shirley Temple Tea Time/Cookie skirt in blue

I bought this a while ago from Closet Child and I have worn it out twice. It's a comfortable, casual piece with a lot of cute detailing such as glitter in the print. I would recommend a max waist of 90 cm/35 inches for it to be comfortable, but it could definitely stretch more. As for a minimum, I would say around 62 cm/24 inches.  The skirt is 18.5 inches long.

Proof picture (sorry for the change in bedsheets, btw. These pictures were taken at an earlier date than the rest of them):

Closeup of print (you can kind of see the glitter!):

Price: $55.00+shipping+pp fees


3. Putumayo Float, Frolic, and Fancy Free skirt

This skirt is adorable! It has a lot of soft, nice lace, tulle around the bottom, and a gold screenprint of unicorns and carriages. I love love love this skirt, but once again, I'm trying to get rid of all of the pinkxwhite in my wardrobe. As for measurements, I'd once again say a maximum of a 90 cm waist, and a minimum of a 62 cm waist. This skirt is on the short side at around just under 18 inches. I have worn this only once and I don't think the girl I bought it from has worn it too much, either.

Proof photo (sorry for all of the wrinkles, I will iron/steam it before I ship it out! ;-;):

Closeup of lace/tulle detailing and some of the screenprint:

Price: $55.00+shipping+pp fees


4. Meta Tote (pinkxwhite)

Bought in fairly new condition from a friend and used once. No flaws except for two tiny, tiny little greyish spots that I could not capture on camera, and that are unnoticeable irl unless you bring the tote up to like 3 inches away from your face. I'm selling this, once again, because I'm getting rid of my pinkxwhite things.

Proof photo:

Price: $20.00+shipping+pp fees


5. Btssb pinkxwhite hairbow:

This thing is huge! It measures about 11.5 inches wide, and is secured onto your head by a hair comb and by ribbon ties. It's got nice lace and is Baby's standard pinkxwhite colorway. I bought this used and used it once. Please note that there is some yellowing on the ribbons, but they are unnoticeable when you actually tie them beneath your hair to secure the headbow down. I didn't take a photo of the yellowing because it's kind of hard to capture, but feel free to ask for one.

Proof photo:

Worn (sorry for the blurry picture, but I believe you can get the idea :P):

Price: $20.00+shipping+pp fees


5. Hello Kitty mini-backpack

I bought this new years ago, but I have never actually worn it out or used it for anything, so I guess it's time for it to go. It's not exceptionally large, but you could fit at least your wallet, cell phone, and keys in there.

Proof Photo:

Price: $20.00+shipping+pp fees, or best offer


6. Large vanilla Ice cream ring

I bought this new at a stall at a con I went to last year, and I have never worn it. It's attached onto an adjustable-size ring base, so it should fit many finger sizes.



Price: $5.00+shipping+pp fees


7. Puffy yellow clip-on bow

I bought this new, and have never worn it because I don't own anything yellow. It features a cute little ribbon bow, beads, and a hello kitty. It fastens to clothing/hair by a clip on the back. It is about 7.5 cm wide across it's widest point.


Price: $5.00+shipping+pp fees


8. Pearl and Rose hairclip set

I bought this new from Forever 21 but I have never worn them. I meant for these to match with an IW OP of mine, but I bought Baby hairclips instead, so these have never been used.

Price: $3.00+shipping+pp fees


9. Hot pink flower headband

Once again, something I bought at Forever 21 and have never worn. I have other pink headpieces that I like better than this one, so at this point I feel it's silly to keep it.

Price: $3.50+shipping+pp fees

OR: Buy it in a set with the pearl rose hairclips for $5.00+shipping+pp fees


Thank you, everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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